For this butt lifting workout we are going to string together four exercises. We’re gonna do a glute bridge on the ground with our legs elevated on the step. Then we’re gonna do a step-up to a squat. We’re also gonna do a bulgarian split squat and then last but not least, we’re gonna do leg lift to an abduction.

So all you need if you’re doing this at home or somewhere at the gym is something to step up on. The height is up totally up to you. I’m at the track using the bleachers step.

Let’s go!!

Butt Exercises

The Workout

  1.  Elevated Glute Bridge
    • Lay on the ground.
    • Put your heels up to the steps, arms out to your side.
    • Before you lift, tuck your abs under and shorten the distance between your hips and your rib cage.
    • Squeeze your abs and lift your booty up as high as you can.
    • Squeeze your glute and lower.
  2.  Step Up Squat (using the steps)
    • Step up.
    • Squat down (as well as you can).
    • Step down.
    • Alternate legs.
  3. Bulgarian Split Squat
    • Start with your right leg up on the step.
    • Get a comfortable distance away from the steps so that you can balance.
    • Squeeze your right butt cheek.
    • Press right hips forward.
    • Hands can whenever you want for balance (on hips will work out nicely).
    • Drop the right knee towards the ground and raise it up.
    • Alternate and do the same with the left leg.
  4. Leg Lift to Abduction
    • Lean on the step (like a push up position).
    • Raise your leg and kick it out to the side.
    • Keep abs in tight (same tuck position of glute bridge position).

Do each exercise for 20 reps (10 on each side for single sided exercises) and repeat the circuit 3-5x. This butt workout is a great finisher for a cardio workout, or a great set of butt exercises for a total body workout.

Via Live Well 360

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